Blocked wrong application - iexplore wont open.


I have somehow blocked iexplore on windows 7 x64. The app pops up and quickly disappears.
Opening CIS and checking defense+ tab, events, I can see multiple lines of ie and the flags listed are terminate process, access memory, send message, install hook, DNS/RPC Client Access.

I believe my machine is clean however I clicked the “do not allow” to the wrong event when the new version of CIS started asking me all the same questions again during its learning process.

What other logs or screenshots can I post to help?

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Welcome to the forum octane :slight_smile:

Defense+ \ Computer Security Policy screenshot just remove entry you will be alerted again.


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Thank you Dennis2,

I used your screen shot to help me look further. I was not able to find the exact screens you showed, however I did find Computer Security Policy, Defense + Rules. Removing the custom ie settings. ie was an allowed app however one of the things it was attempting to do was causing it to be closed.