Blocked without permission

My firewall blocked Ashwebsv.exe (avast) and messenger without my permission in fact I had them on allow what could have happened?

What did the block message say?

Application access denied not much else was given and it has only happened once, i temporarily blocked internet traffic earlier but I have done that before and nothing like this was ever logged

ps now the log says that application system has a parent called system and that it blocked UDP going out

Tnx for the PM. You said there that you were concerned you had misconfigured the FW for your wireless network, but you didn’t say anything here about WiFi. Could you provide us some more info about this?

Also, regarding the updater for your AV… have you rebooted since this occurred? When it started being blocked, had any change occurred to your system?

If so, would you try removing the AV updater rule, rebooting, and allowing the updater to run. When you get a popup for it, Allow with Remember.

I’m not too concerned about System/System. Believe it or not, that’s a “system” :wink: process and not unexpected. It may be being blocked either because: Amongst blocking other things, you’ve blocked that as well (probably temporary, which a reboot will cure) or because what it’s trying to do violates your Network Control Rules (Net Monitor).


I havent really changed anything except setting up my wireless router, after setting it up I made a zone and network rule for it through “define a trusted network” wizard and it added two rules to the top of my network rules list, my connection has for the most part worked flawlessly but it was these entries in my log that worried me. One of the entries mentioned a blocked data transfer out to my routers ip address. Why would it being violating my network rules if “system” is a legit process as I havent blocked it or anything?

ps I want to setup my Nintendo Wii console to work with my router, is there any specific rules I have to add to Comodo Firewall to allow it to work?

(I have V2.4)

Is it normal for practically nothing to be logged in Comodo Firewall when my routers firewall is enabled, is this due to my routers firewall blocking bad stuff before it reaches my software firewall and if anything slips past will Comodo catch it?

Trusted Network is what you want; you should have no problem there. The two rules you mention are supposed to be there, at the top of NetMon.

For the Wii, it should be covered in your WiFi Trusted Network already. If the IP is somehow different, you’ll just need to Create a Zone to define it, and Add that as a Trusted Network like you did for your WiFi.

And yes, with your router’s firewall enabled, you shouldn’t see too many external hits logged in CFP.

As for the log entries, it’s hard to say without more details. What will help is:

  1. A screenshot of your Network Monitor, taken at full-screen size
  2. Excerpts of CFP Logs.
    a. Open the log, right-click an entry and select “Export to HTML.”
    b. Save that file and reopen it (it will open in your browser).
    c. Highlight and copy the relevant portions, remembering that the lower entries are the oldest (we want the oldest relating to the issue)
    d. Paste the copied entries into your post here (keep to a maximum of about 5 entries; we’ll get more if we need them)
  3. If the Log entries refer to specific applications (ie, they’re application entries), please give a screenshot of Application Monitor taken at full-screen size, with the relevant application highlighted.


I will post when I can gather the information