Blocked Windows Operating System :(

sorry for my english, i’m from germany.
my problem: comodo firewall blocks “Windows Operating System”. I know the source ip - it’s a server in the lan which distributes the windows updates to the clients. I configured a GLOBAL RULE in NETWORK SECURITY POLICIY which shpuld allow this server to do wht he wants to do. I thought GLOBAL RULSE are the first rules the firewall checks?!?
how should i configure the firewall to not block this “Windows Operating System” with source-ip …??? in GLOBAL RULES or in APPLICATION RULES??? my problem is that there is no process/application named, like svchost.exe, only “Windows Operating System”?!?

help, I need somebody! help, not just anybody! help, you know i need someone, help! :slight_smile:


Can you show us a screenshot of your Global Rules?

hi ericjh,
thx for your answer :wink:
here is the screenshot. hope you can tell me what’s wrong with my configuration…
THANK YOU!! :slight_smile:

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Hello Austin do you use P2p software?

no. why do you ask??

Because usually people report to us the same as you and most of them are using p2p software. It’s not bad, it’s just that comodo blocks unrequested connection attempts.

May you please post a screen shot of the addresses that are being blocked? You are quite safe to let us see these addresses.

you can see the adresses in the screenshot…
red: (in line one there is a adress-range from to

both addresses (source+dest) are in the same subnet

THX :wink:

Do you use ‘stealth port’ ?

If you do, turn it off.

Otherwise, more informations needed.
(your CIS setting, traffic logs etc)

i dont use stealth port but i’ll try to define the blocked ip as a trusted network - if that doesnt work: how can i turn off the stealth port function?? in the global rules? if i klick the stealth ports wizard it doesnt show an option “TURN OFF” or something…