Blocked when copy/pasting text from the threads!?

Hello to all of you!

Before starting I should mention the line up: WINXP Prof SP2 updated till 09/2006, Firefox, Modem-router Zyxel Prestige 661H-61, AvastHome up to date.
My problem is this and I do not know if it is mine or the site’s, but it is very weird non the less, as I have not heard it before, nor it has happened before to me:
I have downloaded and installed CPF about two months ago, but I had problems with Azureus and utorrent and because I could not get them to pass through CPF, whenever I used them, I closed CPF (I know it was a mistake, but I could not find another solution at that moment). Then I found this forum and started reading it. I thought it would be a good idea to copy/paste the content of FAQ and Help threads to MS Ofiice 2003 for future reference, so that I will not have connect to the internet every time I needed something. You may say that new things are added every day and that I need not do something like this, and you would be right, but I like all the information of one thing to be in one document. In the beginning I came as a guest and it happened after I copy/pasted the text of one thread, then firefox could not load any other page and I mean any other like Yahoo! not just from inside the forum. I thought it was my connection but I noticed that Itunes radio worked fine so I said maybe it’s firefox’s problem. I closed FF and cleared all the private data (Ctrl+Shift+Del). I opened it again and came back as guest once more, copy/paste and again the same thing. The next time I signed up and did it again, same results. What is happening? Should this thing happen? I will add that it happened when I copy/pasted, the contents not the title of the thread.

Sorry for being so lengthy but I wanted to add as much detail and background as possible to help identifying the problem, being mine or not.
Thank you in advance.

Welcome to the forum.
I use copy n’ paste all the time, and I have never seen this problem…
Maybe someone else can help you with this.

Thanks for the fast reply,

I do it all the time myself too, but it happened here for the first time I will try and other sites, and come back with results tommorow, as it is to late for me now.

BE WELL and look things positive, as every obstacle in our way is something to learn from!


Please let us know the results of your testing.

I’m almost positive it’s not even possible for the copy/pasting to have an effect such as you described, but I’m sure if you let us know any more information our community will help as much as possible.

Nick [Admin]