Blocked services

I am having problems accessing some parts of XP Home and fear that I denied access. Foir instance I can open Msconfig, alter the Start items checkboxes, but when I try to save nothing happens. In fact, from that moment onwards I am unable to do anything in MSconfig including exiting, which I only manage through the Task Manager (Ctrl/Alt/Del).

I recall Comodo alerting me with a red alert about changes to the registry in HK??\System\ControlSet00?\Services\etc… which I denied and asked to remember. I thought I had a virus and decided to be careful. Now I think I permanently denied access to that and possibly other services.

Could you tell me how I can reverse (amend the registry) to allowfull access to MSconfig?

Thank you


If you have blocked something, you can go to Defense+ → Computer Security Policy → Blocked Files to view your blocked files.