Blocked request, now the app will not start

After installing Comodo Firewall Pro v3, I tried to open a file, BF2.exe to start a game. Comodo alerted me that BF2.exe was trying access a file called ~e5.001. I was suspicious, so I blocked the request. Now my BF2 won’t start. Is there any way I go back and allow the request?

Go to Defense±—>Advanced-------->Computer security policy

Locate BF2.exe, remove the rule and apply.

Reinstall your game and remember to click allow this time.(It’s better to choose "treat it as an installer or updater then you may turn to installation mode.After installation,get back to previous mode)

You do not need to reinstall your game. Comodo did not corrupt your game. Find BF2 exe and edit it to trusted. I am a gamer. See my gaming thread. Also if your pc is clean there is no reason to not trust anything. The program ~e5.001 has been always running whenever you play BF2. Look at your running processes when your playing.

You would actually need to find the rule for ~e5.001 and remove it or change it to ALLOW. This file is generated by the CD/DVD copy protection.

Ewen :slight_smile: