Blocked programs list

I know this has been asked before… but I can’t follow the answers because someone decided to change the GUI since those answers were given and the interface isn’t exactly intuitive (well to me it isn’t)

Any hoo.

I’m running Windoze 7 x64 latest and… ermm… least buggy?

Comodo Firewall 5.12.256249.2599

Some while ago a program was blocked. Firefox has now started wanting to use this and so is hanging on every page download if flashplayer is enabled. Flashplayer does work, so it’s probably an updater program or something that’s causing the hanging.

So… I want to try and look at what Comodo lists as blocked.

So how does one find the list of blocked applications within Comodo?

sorry if this has been asked recently… I did search for it.


if your looking for the actual blocked list

go to Defense+ tab >> click the computer security list

search blocked file tab or application rules for the program in question

Note in the Block files Use REMOVE to remove the program from the list DO NOT DELETE FILES as it will actually delete the file from your computer

you could also search in the firewall security policy and search there but i guess better check the logs first

if its the logs click the Numbers beside “firewall has blocked” or defense+ has blocked

a new window will open containing the recent list click the more button if the proogram in questin is not there

sorry if i made a mess not really good at this things hope i did help