Blocked programs and allowed vendors not showing in the UI

Can someone tell me why programs I have blocked don’t show up in Comodo’s blocked programs list, and also why vendors I have allowed dont show up in the allowed vendor list?

(using 32-bit XP and 64-bit Vista, same problem)

Posting again to be sure this is not carried as an open issue forever.

Reinstalled Comodo. Problem solved. Now can see files in pending files, my own safe files, and trusted vendors.

Also, before reinstalling, I disabled background malware blocking programs, except for Webroot Spysweeper and Windows Defender. Comodo, with defense+ and virus detection turned on, seems to work well with Spysweeper(without antivirus) and Defender, no interference ever observed. Actually it seems to also work well with Microsoft Security Essentials, not just Defender, although I have tested MSE only on Vista, not yet on XP.

I really like the flexibility of Comodo and how it also aces firewall tests, especially now that it is working properly. Maybe next year I’ll split for the paid version.