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I working on a laptop with Windows 7 (64 bit). Am running the free version of CIS which I recently installed. Was trying to run CCleaner and the computer froze up. Tried to re-install and had the same problem. I suspect the problem is related to being a new user. I was prompted by CIS, think Defense, to allow/block a series of files. Wanting to be safe rather than sorry I suspect I probably blocked a program I shouldn’t have. Thanks for your help.

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what programs did you have installed before you installed CIS? After the installation be prepared that D+ (defense+) will give from one pop to another which will make your computer slow and I therefore recommend to let the computer do whatever it’s doing.

I hope this helps a bit.


Lots of programs installed at or about time CIS was installed. In terms of security, CCleaner, MalwareBytes Anti-Malware, and SuperAntiSpware. The problem is I’m getting lots of D+ pop-ups regarding files /programs I can’t identify. Not sure I understand what you mean by “let the computer do whatever it’s doing”. Do mean allow all these programs? Should I be doing this If I don’t know what they are? The problem now is I blocked something which would not allow CCleaner to run initially and then couldn’t delete and reinstall. Should downgrade the D+ setting?

you have to accept one pop up after another unless your not sure. With “let the computer do whatever it’s doing” i mean that you should let the computer start and wait until pup ups from d+ comes up.

you can see in CIS —> Summary —> Defense+ —> application(s) running in sandbox.

This is how you add application in CIS

CIS —> Firewall —> Network Security Policy —> Add —> Select —> Browse… Now you have search the file

CIS —> Defense+ —> Computer Security Policy —> Defense+ Rules —> Add —> Select —> Browse…



You can remove anything you’ve blocked from the block list if you want.

Go to Defense+ → Computer Security Policy → Blocked Files, select the file you want to unblock and click the Remove button. This will remove the file from the list.

If you are unsure whether or not blocking something will cause problems with the operation of some applications on your computer, you can just temporarily block something. When you get the Allow/Block popup, make sure Remember My Answer is not checked and click Block.

What I did, for better or worse, is to uninstall and reinstall CIS. Upon reinstallation I re-set D+ from highest level to second lowest (training). This made popups manageable. I’m sure this weakens security to a certain extent but at least now I can work on my laptop. A suggestions: Might want to give users the option of where they want to set D+ on installation. If the default is the highest and you immediately get bombarded with popups might make the program more user friendly especiially given D+ requres the most attention from the user.

You’re partially correct. It does weaken security, but it’s not just to a “certain extent”. It actually weakens your security by 100%.

Training Mode should only be enabled for very short durations. What it does is create allow rules for anything and everything that wants access to your system. Even malware.

If you run in Training Mode indefinitely, you may as well just turn D+ off because it’s not protecting you in the slightest.

I would highly recommend deleting all the rules created in training mode and scanning your system for malware with a few different scanners to ensure nothing slipped in while you were in Training Mode.

Paranoid Mode (highest level) isn’t the default setting though. The default is Safe Mode, which shouldn’t be bombarding you with alerts. Yes, there are a few alerts still, but really quite manageable. Or, if you’re 100% sure your system is clean, you can select Clean PC mode. This setting will treat everything already installed on your system as trusted, giving you the bare minimum of alerts.