Blocked network zones help

Hi I blocked in my blocked network zones.
Because I don’t want any blogspots loading when I flick through google images.
Because they are messy loads of junk that download 5000 images all in the one page.
But when I do this, it wont even load google.
Can you tell me why when I only put in the blocked adress it blocks
I have other sites in their, .com sites and it doesn’t bother me with those.

Ok I just figured out blogger and blogspot is hosted on NS1.GOOGLE.COM NS2.GOOGLE.COM NS3.GOOGLE.COM NS4.GOOGLE.COM

So obviously that’s why it blocks Google.
But I set my homepage to and it wouldn’t load that either with the rule in the blocked network zones.

I tried blocking ‘’ and could get to ‘’ weird enough my WCG(World Community Grid) Client poped a message saying it was connected to any clients, this has NEVER happened to me before. I have blocked IP addresses before without any problems but with url addresses CIS has a problem for sure. Also I use a small program to solve url addresses Express IP Locator and he could get a DNS check for any addresses nor surf to any web page, is a total block on the Network. Please fix this.