Blocked mail [Resolved]

I installed Comodo Firewall Pro a few months ago and It’s been great, no problems at all untill the last few days.

Now I am not able to send or receive email without disabling Comodo.

The component monitor has always been set to Learning and I think I must have denied access to an application that is required. Can you help me to reconfigure the firewall protection?

Can you also give me some guidance on what to deny/allow as I am never sure?


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Here’s our first step:

Run your mail client; watch it fail.

Open CFP to Activity/Logs. There should be an entry showing the block occur. Right-click the entry, select “Export to HTML.” Save the file and reopen it. Copy/paste the relevant entry (or entries) as text into your next post here. Then we’ll see what’s blocking it.

Also, open the Application Monitor to full screen. Find and highlight your email client rule. Capture a screenshot, save it as an image file (jpg, gif, png) and attach to your post under Additional Options. If you have more than one rule for the email client, go thru this process for each one. By highlighting then grabbing the screenshot, we can see the details of the rule.



Welcome toon_pete

You don’t state in your post which mail application you use, so I’ll assume its something Like Outlook[Express], Thunderbird etc.

If my assumption is correct, then its possible you have accidentally blocked the application in Application Monitor.

Open Application Monitor and find the entries for the application you use for mail. then, look at the right hand side of the row where it says ‘Allow’. Scan down the entries and see if you have a ‘Block’. If so, right click on the row and from the context menu select Edit. On the general tab, select ‘Action’ and change the value to ‘Allow’ Perform the same task for any other 'Block entries for your mail app.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for coming back so quickly…I havent done anything and everything’s returned to normal. Bizarre. :BNC


Thanks for the udpate; glad it’s working again. You may have Denied a popup alert regarding an application’s behavior (might say something about modifying, windows messages, OLE automation, etc - all part of Application Behavior Analysis, found in Security/Advanced); if so until such point as you reboot your computer, the application(s) in question would likely be blocked by CFP.

I will go ahead and mark the topic resolved and close it. If the problem recurs, please PM myself or another Moderator with a link to this topic, and request that it be reopened; we’ll be glad to do so.