Blocked Log - Where is it?

I checked the Help for CIS & and it says “Firewall Tasks,” “Blocked events” but there is no such thing that I can find in this version.

I recently blocked a couple of unknown .exe and would now like to see the full file name and location so I can check them out online.

Where are the blocked items logged to?


Hi SweetVLX,
View CIS Logs-Comodo Help
Firewall Logs-Comodo Help

Kind regards.

Thanks, but I had already been there and all but Defense+ are empty. I set the date range back to a week ago and despite allowing and disallowing a bunch of stuff during that time.

And, Defense+ only had three programs, all of which I installed and were of my own writing (I am a programmer). The one I would like to check up on was a .DLL and the three in the Log are all .exe. Not a .DLL anywhere to be found.

Logs automatically delete themselves when they exceed 20 Mb by default. You can change that behavior by going into the advanced options > Logging.