"Blocked Intrusion" and "Network Intrusion" count on the widget.


So we have a widget and we already have some interesting panes like Traffic Pane and Status Pane, and less interesting panes like Connect Pane. 88) And I thought, why not complement it by adding a pane which shows some of the information also found on the advanced main GUI of CIS?

The information I’m talking about is “Blocked Intrusions” for the HIPS and “Network Intrusions” for the Firewall, these could sit next to each other like in the ‘Status Pane’ and could be called something like “Second Status Pane” or something, perhaps “Intrusion Pane”

Now I also thought about adding “Detected Threats” but looking at the current “Status Pane” which also has three side by side it looks like it can’t show a high count which the “Network Intrusions” and “Blocked Intrusions” would sometimes need, so just having two side by side would give more room for numbers. However then I also thought that these really do not need the icons next to them like the current “Status Pane” has so if you remove those icons then you have room for more numbers! Besides the icons for the current “Status Pane” doesn’t really tell me anything.

Of course this pane would be optional like all other panes!

Thank you,
Sanya IV Litvyak.

Hmm a good idea.
However,it seems like everyone wants options in the widget.
I have a better idea,Lets just ditch the GUI and put everything in the widget.(Sarcasm.). :o ;D

Well it’s a good place to put quick and useful information and it’s smaller than having the main gui open all the time.
Personally I’d be satisfied with only a command line but when you have the option of improving things, then why not?
I often use the widget to get a quick overlook and with the wish I posted here then I wouldn’t need to open the main gui to get a quick overlook of how many blocked intrusions and network intrusions there are, besides I think it fits the purpose of the widget.

+1 :-TU
I don’t use widget :wink: but is good for peoples that actually use it so :-TU

I stopped using the widget when they updated the UI.

I still like it because it’s smaller than the main GUI and still has links to a lot of things, the only thing I miss is the counts for intrusion and after that I won’t need to open the main GUI ever again >:-D (unless I need something in the ‘Tasks’ area that I have not pinned to CIS taskbar)

Not Implemented in CIS Version 6.2.285401.2860

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