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houston! houston ! I have problm (:SAD) (:SAD) (:SAD) (:SAD) firewall bloced to internet



Is there anything in CPFs logs that relates to this?

I am new to CPF. I just installed it this morning as I was looking for a firewall to replace ZoneAlarm. The installation went OK. But now I have no connection to the internet when the “Application Control Rules” is turned on (under the “Application Monitor” tab). When it is turned off, Firefox works fine: full internet access. But when the option is turned on no application can access the internet.

I have let CPF scan my PC for safe programs. It has added Firefox, IE, Skype, and a couple of others to the list. These programs have been given TCP/UDP IN/OUT access to ANY destination at ANY port.

Any idea what is going on?

Many Thanks!

It’s probably because something important got blocked by mistake.

Is there anything in CPFs logs that relates to this?

Hi kail, and thanks for the reply!

Attached is a copy of the log. I cleared the log, shutdown CPF and started it up again, started Firefox and tried to access a couple of websites. The Inbound Violation on port 62449 is probably bittorrent traffic as I was recently downloading some files.

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There are only 2 non port 62449 entries & they both are Kaspersky AV…

Date/Time :2006-10-13 17:08:21 Severity :Medium Reporter :Application Monitor Description: Application Access Denied (avp.exe: Application: C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0\avp.exe Parent: C:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exe Protocol: TCP In Destination:

Given the IP ( - localhost) & port 1110, this looks like Kaspersky’s email checking has been blocked, which it probably shouldn’t have been. But, there’s nothing in there for anything else (eg. Firefox). Clear the log & try a Firefox connection. Then check the CPF log for where Firefox has been blocked.

Also, check both the Application & Component Monitors. Review all currently blocked items & confirm that is what you want. The current block on AVP needs to be changed to Allow (assuming you want AVP scanning your emails).

I have figured it out: by shutting down Kaspersky it all works fine now. Now I have to figure out which setting(s) in Kaspersky are responsible for the conflict.

In CPF there are absolutely no BLOCK rules anywhere, except for the last rule in ‘Network Control Rules’.


It could be Security tab - Advanced tab - Miscellaneous - “Skip loopback (127.x.x.x) TCP connections”. I don’t have a problem with Avast doing this. But, perhaps AVP does & this option needs enabling for AVP to work?

(:WAV) (:WAV) (:WAV) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:HUG) (:HUG) thank you wery much to help me comodo firewall

special thank’s user to kail and Tsipir