Blocked Internet Connection Sometimes

Hi Comodo people,

I’m experiencing a problem that I have never encountered before after years of using comodo. My internet connection is blocked sometimes, but its fix from adjusting to training mode from custom mode. I cant see any changes once I switch back. I have no global rules and most of the files groupings in custom policy are set to ask in/out. I set svchost and system both to outgoing though. This discconection seems to happen now and then, how can I fix this? (I set those settings not to compromise security).

You have no global rules as in there is no rules listed under global, it is empty? If so then there lies your problem you need to at least add an allow out rule.

Do the firewall logs give us a clue when looking around the time of the event (Firewall → Common Tasks → View Firewall Events).

I remember svchost being blocked as well as system, do I really have to add any global rules, its worked for years this way, now its come to this. The only noticable thing I’ve changed is my internet plan with the same company.

Make svchost.exe Outgoing Only. Does this help?

I think Avast AV free was blocking my internet, as soon as I unistalled it the internet connection was back up, however I can not be sure.