Blocked: Files Being Submitteed to Comodo

[Files Being Submitteed to Comodo] pops up [Network Error]

See Attached.

XP Pro SP3
FireFox 3.0.7

How to I fix?

Thank you.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Comodo Pro is this the version of Comodo Firewall you have?

What are the Steps to get the Firewall version?

Thank you.

The version of [cfp.exe] = 3, 5, 56968, 437

The support to 3.5 version seems to have been stopped. There was a post from Comodo stating this in the forum one or two weeks back (I don’t exactly remember the date) as major changes were done to the antivirus part.

Please download latest CIS from

Do a clean install and retry please.