Blocked Explorer.exe Process HELP! [Resolved]

Well as many of you may have guessed I ugh was in a fit and well I meant to hit Termanite but hit Termanite and Block explorer.exe process HELP!. Now when I start windows I just get a bunch of sounds caus eI have sounds enable to play on windows when apps open or close and no screen just blank black screen what now. Also Um I coudl have solvoed this so easy before… let me explain see comodo used to have all or must of its main reg keys in two places now I can find them everywhere in all four main Reg keys what the heck did they change it for… :S maybe this is why so its harder for hackers to find and isolate problems to resolve them. I’m not doing such but since it is not possable to get into windows then into COMODO Defenace and take out explorer.exe out of the block apps ugh yaaaaa so CAN SOMEONE HELP… PLZZZZZZ I need to find out where comodo keeps its blocked apps in the reg HELP! :frowning: ASAP would be nice but who knows when that will be. 88)

Sorry you are having this problem

If you reboot into safe mode you should be able to unblock explorer using the normal CIS GUI. Then reboot again and you should be done.

Best wishes


No its ok ha ha I found how to fix it was not corrupted like I had hope it wouldn’t be and so all I did and this is for others if they block the Explorer.exe by mistake… All you have to do is log in like normal then get into the Taskman… best and only way is to hit “Alt Ctrl Delete” (without Quotes) :stuck_out_tongue: then hit “new task…”
when the run command pops up go to browse find the COMODO .exe which is “cfp.exe” run that and find Defence+ make sure your in common tasks and find the blocked apps tab then you know what the rest is find the explorer.exe you have block and Vu LA YOU DID! :smiley: cool huh lol not really that hard quite easy in fact I had to go about and do this myself so it was a bit frustrating to figure out just what to do but I figured if I could get CIS to open up and get to the blocked app then ya this could work as a double now that I know how to block such a .exe from ever interfiering with my work hmmmm this could add as a security feature lol hiding the whole Explorer.exe process from even starting hum. Mha ha ha haaaa. Anyway Just something to think about. I’m happy if this hs help any novice get their Explorer.exe back up on screen and running ty vary much :slight_smile: I’ll die happily known that it has lol.


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