blocked email at

This is my first try at getting help from a forum i don’t know of any other way to contact techs at comodo the problem i have is that all of a sudden my connection to yahoo mail has been blocked and keeps trying to link up but doesn’t complete the connection. The commodo icon at the bottom of the screen keeps flashing everytime i try to connect to my email and when i open the comodo file it doesnt indicate what the problem is and all systems are active. I am stumped please help me if you have a solution perhaps someone else may have come across this type of problem and resolved it. Thank You

You need to post this in the help section. Now are you talking about Yahoo web based email? Comodo doesn’t have a web shield and there fore doesn’t interfere with web browsing. Why dont you just uninstall Comodo. Please give us more info. The Comodo icon never flashes. Do you mean you see the network traffic indicator going up and down?

maybe no need to uninstall. how about temporarily turn the firewall off and see if it’s the firewall issue.