Blocked DLL's after Office Suite Installs

In WINXP Home, after installing MS Office 2007, discovered that NvMcTray.dll, NvCpl.dll, and shell32.dll were being denied access, both on bootup and when invoking Windows control accessories or the NVidia control panel.

Subsequently over-wrote the boot partition with the Ghost image saved just before the install. Then tried installing Open Office. Got the same result.

Disabled the Defense+Security function in CFP 3.5.57173.439, and then error dialogues stopped popping up, and the programs ran normally.

Went to My Own Safe Files, and found NvMcTray.dll among them. Tried to add nvcpl.dll and shell32.dll in that window, but they don’t appear in the list afterward.

Added NVidia through its executable to the Trusted Vendors List, but that did not prevent the denial of access unless the Defense + Security was disabled. Microsoft Corp. is listed in the Trusted Vendors window.

What am I missing ?


Look under D+ → Advanced → Computer Security Policy → now look for the rules for both files and edit them to Trusted. Does that help?

Did find that WIndows\system32\rundll.dll was set to Isolated Application type in D+. Edited it to Windows System Application type and now the Control Panel accessories run normally.

Will work on the NVidia files and report back.

Thank you for the help.


Turned out that the NVidia fiiles now operate as well with D+ set to other than Disabled. So it was the incorrect choice during a pop-up CFP D+ alert during installation of the software suites that caused the problem with rundl.dll.

The three files were being called by rundl.dll, which I forgot to mention in the original post. That should have pointed me to that file.

Sometimes the choice of type is limited when that D+ alert dialogue pops-up. Will have to use the Isolated Application type with more discretion in the future.

I’m surprised at the number of alert windows that appear during software installation even after choosing the Installation Mode prior to starting the install. Need to re-read the Help texts regarding that process.

Thanks again.