Blocked Connections

Hello guys ,

Please look at my screenshot and explain me why comodo firewall blocked some connections and allowed the rest? My pc is connected to skype with ‘’ skype me ‘’ mode. I am waiting your help.


[attachment deleted by admin]

I’m guessing you’re behind a router because all of those IPs in the log are private IPs (coming from your own private network behind your own router). It looks as if a certain machine on your network using the IP is trying to contact your machine. Are you using DHCP or do you have static IPs assigned? If that particular IP is being blocked automatically (you are not getting any alerts for it), then you must have a certain rule in your firewall policies blocking it automatically.

This is my office pc and that’s why i don’t know exactly what do we have here ( router, modem , what kind of connection etc. ) I thought i am getting attacks from skype but as i understand it is related with other things. I am pretty relaxed. Thank you very much for answer.