Blocked Call List Subscription

I like a feature to be able to have a list of known telemarketing numbers to subscribe to. Have this work similar to virus signature files. Basically a list of known telemarketing numbers that is updated in the product. As soon as I block 1 number, I get calls from other numbers. It is a losing battle. However, if there was a list of known bad numbers that were shared between CMS users, that would go a long way to helping us all keep from getting these junk calls.

I think this would be too difficult to validate.

With malware, it’s easy enough to check it out and see if it’s malicious. Not so easy with a phone number. And false positives could cause a lot of confusion.

Yes, I agree that would be the challenge. Call Control has a Community Black List and allows users to report numbers. Perhaps once a phone number is reported by a certain threshold it could then be added to the shared black list. For example, if 500 or more users submit a phone number as being telemarketing/spam/phishing/political/etc. it could be added to the shared list.

It’s too easy to abuse.

The problem with a threshold reporting method would be if someone (a hacking organization who will remain Anonymous, perhaps?) decided to blackball a companies valid (non-telemarketing) phone number just because they didn’t like company. They could simply get their members (or botnet) to all report the number to get it added to the blacklist.

Kind of a DDOS attack on a phone number.

Not a complete solution, but it would avoid annoying calls in the evening:

Call / SMS blocking: Ability to block calls based on group memberships and times, could create a group called Family and allow at all times, any other numbers could call and SMS only between 6:00am and 6:00pm

At least you would not be telemarketed at night