Blocked Applications

Hey Guys,

just a short question.
In the Home of CIS the “Blocked application” counter is every time relatively high (today about 20) and I just wonder why this counter is still high, although I have only 2 (not executable) unrecognized files and just execute my daily and trusted programs.
When I open the “Unblock Applications” window, I see that mostly trusted programs (like Adobe Acrobat, Games, Overwolf) are blocked by HIPS. Unfortunately there are no more information about the blocking (no answer for WHY).
But obviously a HIPS rule blocks theses applications and I think I know these rules. I set up some protection rules for some of my “important” applications, so e. g. memory protection which blocks EVERY program (trusted programs too) when they try to access the memory of my password manager. (This works and is a really meaningful protection, because of this mechanism it is not possible to create dumps of the memory of this programs, where sensitive information could be found)

So is my conclusion correct? Are there other reasons why applications will be blocked? Sorry, but I just want a confirmation for my train of thoughts :azn:

Thank you very much for these professional layers of defense

If you can share snapshot it will be great, in general, if any trusted application tries to access any of CIS processes, even though trusted, due to self protection, CIS won’t allow and you may see those events as well.

So please see the target application, if that is one of CIS processes.

Thanks for this reminder. In the detailed log, the target application are in most of this cases the CIS processes. So I conclude all is fine and correct. Thank you