BLOCKED APPLICATIONS: Windows Operating System, Mem Compression

Hey guys,
I’m running Comodo Internet Security Premium with “Proactive Security” enabled.
Why are the following items being blocked in my screenshot, and should I unblock them?

Mem compression sounds like one I should be unblocking, but as for the Windows Operating System… that sounds like it could be anything?

I know I’ve run into this specific question before but the search option on this forum brought up absolutely no hits for me.

Thanks for the assistance.


This should give you some help:;msg888989#msg888989

That does help me out, thank you Ploget. :slight_smile:

One thing I am failing to understand here though is why it keeps showing “Blocked by: Firewall”?
What is Memcompression and why is it being blocked by firewall? It’s shown in my attached picture.

Memory Compression is a Win 10 function after the Ccreators Update. Always appears in KillSwitch as unrecognized

The relevant part is: 'win 10 uses memory compression when you close an application. Instead of putting it back on page file right away, it compresses the data so if you decide to open it again later, it loads instantly. It shows the amount of compressed data in the memory tab of task manager in brackets after in use’

Thanks for your assistance in this matter Ploget. :slight_smile: