Blocked applications that I have set to 'allow'

Attached is a list of blocked applications that I have set to ‘allow’ when the notification has come up. I would thought that would be enough but CFW is still blocking them. I have also been into the HIPS section and changed each of the items from ‘custom ruleset’ to ‘allowed application’.

What do I need to do to make these elements work and what should I do in future to avoid this situation? Am I doing the wrong thing by clicking ‘allow’?

I’m also experimenting to see if ‘safe mode’ or ‘clean PC’ makes a difference.

One major annoyance is when I open wordpad. The program opens fine and expediently and I start typing but the program then freezes for about 7 seconds until comodo is finished doing whatever it’s doing. Again, it’s set to ‘allowed application’.
I’m also having a problem every time I open a webpage with flash on it (eg: youtube for example). So the opening of flash is also causing a problem.

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