Blocked Applications keep re-occurring after clearing

Since installing I continually get “Blocked Applications”
Notably one of the repeat blocked applications is “C:\Program Files\Comodo\COMODO Internet Security\cis.exe”
The other are all secure programs sych as Firefox, Thunderbird, Microsoft ipoint, windows snippingtool, windows Solitair, Windows explorer etc
I have gone in and unblocked them to no avail, they come back. I have set them to allowed programs also with no avail. I did this in Hips Rules. When I re-boot then they are reset to Custom ruleset
I have attached a screen shot of the Unblock applications screen
The programs that are “blocked” appear to work
I use windows 7 Ultimate
If you need more please contact me

Check to see if entries for Comodo, Mozilla, and Microsoft are listed in the trusted vendors list. If you updated from a previous version then the update caused the TVL to be corrupted, which you can fix by either running the update task or re-install.

Please check again with version thanks.