Blocked application problem

I use MS Publisher 97 and when I used the Page Wizard to create a project, Comodo popped up to ask if I wanted to block a certain file. I said yes, but then realized that it was what I needed to run Page Wizard.

I see now how to unblock a file but the problem is that I have since cleared the list so that I can’t select the particular file to move it to trusted list.

What do I do? I have tried reinstalling the page Wizard for Publisher but still says that it can’t run.

Thanks for any help,

Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums Marian!

Since I haven’t blocked file but you will find blocked files if you go to CIS → d+ → Computer Security Policy → Blocked files.

Valentin N

Hi MsMarian,

First go to Defense+ > Computer Security Policy > Def+ rules > %windir%exporer.exe then right click, select edit > customize and look if there isn’t a block exception for publisher.exe or another file related to publisher. If yes remove it and apply. Don’t forget to click ok before closing the application rules window.

If there was no block exception as mentionned above, add manually Publisher to the trusted files : Defense+ > Trusted Files > add > Brownse Files > c:\Program Files\MS Office\Publisher.exe ==> drag to selected item and click apply.


It is already listed as a trusted program. Is there a way to view the blocked files even though I have cleared the list? If I could view the list once again I know what file it is that I have to move to trusted.

How did you “cleared” the list? By using the button remove, delete or purge? If you used the delete option, then you deleted the file from your system and not just from the blocked files list of CIS.