Blocked App -> how to unblock??

I startet a game (e.g. Angry Birds). Defense+ asked me if I want to allow the explorer.exe to access the angrybirds.exe. So just to test how this CIS works, I clicked “BLOCK” and “REMEMBER”.
so, now, everytime I wanna start Angry Birds, it tells me that I haven’t got the rights to access this process.
When I set the defense+ to OFF, then I can start it.
My problem is, that I don’t know where I can unblock my App!? I searched through the whole program. Added the App to the trusted appz, etc. nothing worked and I havent found it in the settings.
Can anyone help me with this problem.

PS: I ve tried this with some more appz with the same results!

Blocked files are listed in Defense+ → Computer Security Policy → Blocked Files.

I dont think you should have pressed “remember”