block "windows operating system" in CIS 6


Is there a way to block Windows Operating System without logging in CIS 6?

I just can’t find it among processes where it used to be in version 5.

I do understand it’s not a process strictly speaking, but I used it to block and don’t log it in v.5 in order to get rid of tons of blocked incoming utorrent connections in my log

what version of windows are you running???
I am running windows 8 x64 bit…
i have access to a win 7 x64 bit pc also.

what you are explaining sounds very suspect of a malware infection. what antivirus are you using?
Have you run the the clean endpoint in comodo 6 yet? it’s part of the firewall without the antivirus installed. i would recommended you run that before any further discussion.
I have utorrent and have transferred lots of torrents. i don’t get flooded like you are explaining…
you maybe have been hijacked and have just been blocking and holding on with comodo 5, and comodo
6 has shown you the true problem.please run clean your enpoint.i have 17 years of experience in pc’s and windows. i have seen viruses and trojans hide themselves with names like “Windows Operating System”

see see screenshot of what to run in comodo 6 below
it’s in advanced’s called clean endpoint

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When CIS sees traffic for which it cannot see a program it will block it and log it in case of incoming traffic.

You are probably looking for this tutorial: How To - Stop Logging Blocked Torrent Port When Client Is Closed

At DrHaze. His problem only seems to be related to traffic related to uTorrent after uTorrent is closed. It takes several hours for the traffic to stop and in the meanwhile the logs fill up.

Eric, you’re right in understanding my problem. But the tutorial you pointed out is the exact way I used to get rid of those logs in v.5, so I know how to do it. The problem is - I couldn’t find Windows Operating System in v.6 to silently block it.

Anyway, I’ve rolled back to 5.12

Getting WOS back in the list of running processes is worth to be noted as a wish…

I’m not sure this is something for the wish list, it’s more akin to a bug. The logs quite clearly show WOS as the process involved in the connections but both WOS and SIP are missing from the list of available processes when creating rules (which does actually make some sense, considering their nature). However, It’s actually quite irritating not being able to easily filter these log entries.