Block websites by name


I’m using COMODO Firewall 5.4, on Windows 7 SP 1 x64. Is there an easy way to block access to a specific sites by name?

As far as I know, the answer is no. Everything in Comodo firewall settings is IP oriented.

Easiest way to block a web site is within your browser. In IE for example, just add the web site domain name to the “restricted sites” as blocked.

You can block by host name in Blocked Zones.

As Eric states, just put in the domain name. In the pictures below i blocked
First you can see it is unable to connect. When removed it connects fine.


On further testing this method does seem flaky at best. Sometimes it seems to work fine, others it seems to have a problem with. I`m trying to see if i can find any reason but nothing obvious strikes out.

Edit 2: On further testing this process seems to be very hit and miss. Some sites seem to be blocked fine while others seem to work completely normal. I`m not sure why this occurs so if you wish to use this method make sure said site is actually blocked.

After viewing what i have i think the option “Hostname” should be removed!

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I wondered about the “host name” option. I interpreted that to an actual device name such as “My Computer” etc.

The previous answer, while correct, assumes a high degree of geekness. It doesn’t tell you where to find “Blocked Zones.”

Here are the steps to follow, one at a time:

  1. Click the “Firewall” tab
  2. Click “Network Security Policy”
  3. Click the “Blocked Zones” tab
  4. Click “Add”
  5. Click “A new blocked address”
  6. Click the arrow to the right of “Type.” Select “Host name” from the drop-down list.
  7. Type/copy the URL for website (example “”), or the whole domain (example “badwebsite”).
  8. Click “Apply” and then “OK” on the next screen.

If the poster just want to block a web site from his browser, just add the domain name to it’s “restricted” web site list as blocked. Or as an alternative with more security to boot, download SpywareBlaster and block it in there which will in turn add it to the browser restricted web sites.

I believe Comodo’s Blocked Zone feature is designed to absolutely block IPs such as those attempting non-browser access?

Comodo is not specifically designed to block IP addresses alone. However it is not best suited when wanting to block huge amounts of sites or addresses like for blocking ad servers etc. Then one better move to other tools.