block webpage adds and automatic web page popups

I would like to see something that would block popup banners that follow your mouse and want you to install active x claiming to be from microsoft as well as add banners. It would be nice to have a all enclusive portable application that is updateable and that would run automaticaly from a cd or usb stick for systems that have been infected and you cannot boot up or has disabled your anti virus, firewall, ect…_ it would be nice to have it work for windows xp - vista, linux and mac- 32 bit and 64 bit OS`s as well. something to protect the network stack from modification from websites or trojans. a complete security system covering all aspects for allmost all systems updatable and portable, with I- vault and anonimiser in case of shared computers.
Just my opinion. would help out emensly

I agree, a decent adblock program for IE and possibly other browsers too that functions in a useful way (not lame host file modifications etc)

I know the adblock that comes with norton firewall is pretty good, maybe something like that?

I have tried zonealarm pro’s one but it’s pretty useless. I use comodo firewall now, it’s just as good and free!!

I agree also. Comodo could develop and add to their firewall a content blocker like some other firewalls have. V3 is supposed to be better than the current version having H.I.P.S. If Internet Content Blocking was added also that would be good. :slight_smile: