block traffic until comodo starts

Hi (:WAV)

older version of comodo had somewhere option to block all incoming/outgoing traffic until comodo is fully loaded and functional. Now I can’t find that checkbox anywhere. How do I set up comodo fireall such a way, that nothing “leaks” out without my (comodo’s :wink: ) knowledge (i.e. windows updates, damenon tools updates…)?

Thank you for reply.

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That option is no longer available. And I actually don’t know how CFP 3 behaves; if it blocks outbound connections during boot or not. At least you have inbound protection already before Windows has completely started, since CFP is loaded early.


See the thread for controlling the start of CFP, at least under XP. CFP3 actually starts very late in the boot sequence, at least for me under Vista and for this poster, but will not allow the network up until it is loaded and operational. You can see the load sequence using free Microsoft Process Explorer.

Thank you guys for replies. I will hope that comodo blocks everything until fully loaded (:KWL)
But some proof test or word from the author of comodo would be nice anyway :THNK