Block torrent app from uploading to a subnet

Hello guys.

I’m hiring a second ISP, and it limits the amount of traffic I can have per month, summing download and upload. For load balancing both ISPs I’m buying a Cisco RV340.

  • ISP1’s modem, with no limit, uses subnet and gateway
  • ISP2’s modem, with limit, uses subnet and gateway
  • RV340 will place my LAN on subnet and gateway

My first need will be to block utorrent from uploading to ISP2’s modem, so that I can keep uploading some rare torrents without using its limit.

I’d also like to block Internet Download Manager and Steam from downloading from it, because I use to download youtube videos from youtube and games from Steam and they are very big.

To make that even more complicated, I’d need some easy way to enable and disable this block, in the situation of ISP1 going unavailable and I needing to use ISP2.

What I was thinking to do is create a new Ruleset. Then I could set this ruleset to those apps I want to block. I’d create a rule blocking upload and another for download, and I could just change it from Block to Allow in case of need.

But it seems to not work because I see no way to indicate an intermediate route hop, only source and destination.

Only way I see of making it if if I have 2 network connections, 1 connected to RV340 and another directly to ISP1’s modem. Then I’d set static IP to RV340’s connection and block this IP as source and destination. But that would require a lot of work, to pass 2 UTP cables over the house, and I also didn’t wanna connect anything to modens directly.

Anybody sees some other way to make it work?