Block this request option is missing

Hello everybody,

I did run today Steam.exe (valve gaming client) and I noticed that there is an option missing :-/

Is this a bug or it works as intended ?

Evening FakeDulen

My name is Jacob Kilgore,
I’m one of the Moderators here at Comodo Forums

Does this only happen with This application? or all requests?

Yes This is a Bug, Have you tried running diagnostics? (Open CIS > Misc. > Diagnostics)
Have you tried Uninstalling and Then Installing?

- Jacob Kilgore
C-O-M-O-D-O Forum Moderator

Hello Jacob Kilgore,

This has happened only to Steam.exe but if I run other apps then I see the “Block This Request” option

I did run diagnostics and there was nothing found wrong :-/

And I did not try to re-install the firewall

This is a very dangerous bug. A user could easily mistake the missing block option as an approval by Comodo to allow the action.

Got this today with other app :-/