Block safe webites

Comodo block
and it’s not malware site… i have written this 2 times…please fix it.

And maybe in this topic we will submit sites, that are blocked, but they’re safe? :slight_smile:

Is it blocking due to a redirect? If I try to access the site you mention, I’m redirected to:

Many pepole can’t use her e-mails…

I ran the site through AVG’s LinkScanner and it didn’t see any problems with the site. Web of Trust didn’t have any ratings yet. McAfee SiteAdvisor says it hasn’t scanned it yet. Norton Safe Web also hasn’t tested it. Web Security Guard doesn’t have any info. Neither has Browser Defender. Finjan didn’t trigger anything…

So who knows why it’s blocked? I suspect that because it is a gateway site, it’s likely nothing to do with the site itself, but a site it links to. It would really be nice if Comodo added more infrastructure to SecureDNS so you could get information on exactly why something is being blocked.