Block Reset - RST packets

I’ve been having a connection issue so I launched wireshark to see what was going on and discovered I was being attacked with reset packets! I tried looking in the settings to see if I could block these intrusive packets but the options aren’t that flexible and don’t let you change much. Is there anyway I can setup a rule or have it auto block these attacks?

I’m sad to see these results since now it brings to question what else isn’t being blocked. :frowning:

[attachment deleted by admin]

I really thought the support for comodo would have been better. So happy I didn’t pay for anything comodo!

Avoid Comodo products if you wish you remain safe from malicious attacks such as the one above.

Who knows what else this fake a$$ firewall isn’t blocking

this forum is run by volunteers so if no one knows the answer to your question its unlikely that you will get an answer

I’m assuming this is inbound traffic? Is the source IP address the same all the time or does it change? If I understand the screenshot correctly the Source port is 8080 but what is the destination port? (Is it a static number or does it change?)

I highly doubt that PR guy.

So Comodo doesn’t even have official support?

It is a community support Forum no doubt, simply a fact. 88)
Mods and General members are all volunteers, that is also a fact.

So Comodo doesn't even have official support?

Comodo Support Home with submit official ticket support.

Also full GeekBuddy support for the paid versions of Comodo Internet Security.