block port is not working

I am trying to block access to the internet for firefox unless it is going to specific proxy server.
This is to prevent the RTMP protocol from connecting directly on port 1935 and forcing it to go through a proxy.
However, everytime I restart firefox, COMODO decides to change all its rules and allow everything.
How can I get COMODO to only action the rules I specifically set myself!?!??!

I either want to block port 1935 OR
only allow access to the internet for Firefox through

Are you running the firewall in Custom Policy Mode if not this could be the reason why it resets itself.


Right, I have switched to custom policy mode. This blocks access to the internet from firefox except to the proxy IP of
However, when I load aflash video to play from a website, the firewall asks me if I want to allow RTMP connection on firefox. Of course, I click no but that blocks the entire FF application doesn’t it? I want to block the RTMP connection on port 1935 to force it to go through the proxy otherwise it tries to make a direct connection to the internet.

It seems COMODO cannot block port 1935 because it has no access to block RTMP - it isn’t even a recognised protocol?

It only gives me TCP, UDP, etc.

It appears by wikipedia article they have made it very difficult.

Hmm…but it should be able to be tunnelled via HTTP, by default it should try ports in succession if 1 is blocked buteither the player refuses to try the other ports or COMODO is doing something.

Maybe checking “Monitor Other NDIS protocols than TCP/IP” may catch it.

Its under Firewall → Advanced → Attack Detection Settings → Miscellaneous → Monitor Other NDIS protocols than TCP/IP

Needs a system restart to take effect.

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