Block outgoing connections while booting

(L) i have been holding onto CFPv2 for the longest because I can’t find the answer to the following question. What happened to the “Block outgoing connections while booting” option that was in CFPv2 and/or where is it in v3? I searched the forums and the answer is not clear (or i suck at searching). If anyone has a concrete answer to this question, I would appreciate it a million times. I want to use v3 but I like that feature, it saved me from a virus/worm/i-know-it-was-talking-home-program once and I can’t live without the feature (lol the love is just platonic).

I placed the question here since I need you to help me make my decision from v2 to v3.

Also how do you stop the reminder that you are in installation mode to show up every 20 seconds, last time I installed v3 I wanted to do windows updates and it kept reverting to my last Defense+ setting and alerts would pop up… that’s all.

Thanks (S)

It’s my understanding that the CFP engine (cfp.exe) fires up immediately upon booting and will not allow anything that does not comply with your rules - it’s the GUI that takes a little longer to catch up (cmdagent.exe).

Currently, once in Installation Mode you will remain so until you Switch to Previous Mode, although I agree - after 5 minutes is up the alerts do come with some frequency, but this is probably better than the alternative ;).

i have to admit I was exaggerating about the 20 seconds but i definitely like to walk away and come back to see that the installation is done… and windows updates take a little more than 5min on a good month. i guess the solution is to disable defense+ while I’m installing something i know is safe. not the best solution but it fits my needs.

and my understanding of your understanding is that v3 perfected the booting feature by allowing all rules to be active the second windows starts?

and V2 doesn’t do that, it just straight up blocks everything coming in and (if turn on) everything coming out until the GUI is online.

if i’m right in the understanding then i am sold on V3, and it will rock my world.

points for the quick response, i would appreciate an agreement or disagreement to my theory also, if it’s not too much.

thanks a lot, first time i’ve seen the light about this.

Hey mateojg,

I cannot say with absolute certainty - but this is how it was explained to me. If you sneak a peek at your Tsk Mgr while your systems firing up, you’ll see that cfp.exe is there straight away. I honestly wouldn’t worry.

I wouldn’t disable D+ for installs, as it takes a reboot to dis/enable it. If you are adding and removing a lot of apps I’d recommend Train With Safe Mode for D+ as this might ease things a bit. Overall, CFP3 is much more protective than V2 and having to teach it a bit the byproduct of this.

I too was a 2.4 fan forever, now I’m all about 3.



Just to correct: cmdagent is the “engine”, cfp is the GUI!


yeah, um, that’s what I meant… 88)

Sorry for the mix-up. You might be able to see how these could be transposed, as I was relating from memory (which isn’t what it used to be :slight_smile: