Block outgoing connections while booting? ( Beta)

In the Beta version on XP SP2, I can’t find that option anywhere. Has it been removed? Is the firewall blocking by default when booting, it’s not changeable?


ALL firewalls (should) block by default during the initial boot phase, and then as programs start loading it reverts to it’s defined rules for such.
In actuality, the boot phase is rather short and most times is misquoted. When the desktop & programs are loading it’s long finished booting the OS but most people still call this (mistakenly) “booting up”, in reality it’s fully booted and now loading drivers and programs (loading phase).
Firewalls inject themselves into the boot phase before the IP stack is initialized so that they can control & secure the stack for the loading phase, otherwise a firewall is basically useless. It makes NO sense to allow the stack to be operating basically unsecured while the firewall (and AV too) are taking their time loading, so there is a small period where firewalls and AV completely block any stack activity until the OS starts loading other drivers/programs at which time the firewall/AV programs revert to defined rules to govern the operation from then on.

Now, to actually answer your other question…I really don’t know if there is an option in the XP Beta version, I haven’t seen one in Vista yet, but I hope that small (and completely incomplete) explanation helps you understand what has to happen during those phases to stay secure… ;D

Thanks for your reply. I do know that this is, and should be, the case with firewalls (but I didn’t know those details you gave me, thanks :)). They should at least block inbound during boot-up, but in my opinion also outbound. This was an option in CPF 2.4 that wasn’t ticked by default, and again, now I can’t find it in this beta version.