Block MS-ds (445) port?

a general question

i keep getting a message that im about to receive a connection from the internet

Application; System
Remote; - TCP [and others]
Port; MS-ds (445).

i continually ‘block’ and ‘remember my answer’ but it keeps returning, every few minutes.

how can i stop this happening [if its not completely neccessary]


if you’re on a LAN make sure you have a trusted zone created. Then, create a global rule below the trusted zone rule, that blocks with out logging.

Source Add= ANY
Dest Add = ANY
Source port = ANY
Dest port = 445

thanks for the reply

im on a dial-up air card [sim card in a usb stick]

still have the problem
ive made a block on

from any to any
source any
destination [455, 137,138,139]
but it still pops up with the original message above

is there any way i can block this permanently
and avoid the popup message???

As I mentioned in the previous post, this is a GLOBAL rule not an APPLICATION rule for the System object.

Open network security policy/global rules and create the rule I outlined above.


will try that
thought it was only for lan setups