"Block most" mode

How can I make my Comodo firewall working in “Block most” mode?
Agnitum Outpost has such “Allow most” and “Block most” modes

Allow most - allow traffic if there is no deny rule
Block most - block trafic if there is no allow rule

I found only 4 modes of Comodo firewall:

  • Block All Mode - block everything
  • Custom Policy Mode - pops notification for every new rule
  • Safe Mode - automaticaly creates new rule
  • Training Mode - automaticaly creates new rule

But I’d like to create some allowing rules and block all other traffic (it’s very simple with Agnitum Outpost)
How can I do this with Comodo firewall?

if you want block most mode in cfp choose for custom policy mode, which block all only allow if there is a rule… (:WIN)

But this mode will show pop up for each new rule definition… I need quite mode

well custom policy mode is the same as block all and allow all if rules are known… so that is no difference between block traffic if there is no allow rule…

can you tell me the difference? huh ???

yeah, I fully agree, “Custom policy”'s behavior is similar to “Block most”, but how would I disable pop-ups then?

Comodo → Misc → Settings → Parental controls

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thanks for a workaraound!

I have filed feature request (https://forums.comodo.com/feedbackcommentsannouncementsnews/how_would_you_rate_comodo_personal_firewall_and_what_to_improve-t24.0.html;msg206183#msg206183). Maybe in some feature release this usefull mode will be implemented

Yes, you can do what Kyle is saying… than you have a some sort of block most mode with no pop ups if you have set up a password… But still I do not find this handy… unless if you are doing this for your mother, father, other family members who are not so technical…

If you are doing this only for yourself… well I would recommend to leave the pop ups on… (:WIN)

Hi Tosiara,

I think this may be what you wan`t to achieve.In Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy to BLOCK all applications which do not have a rule in place for them you need to put in an entry for “All Applications”(Give it the pre-defined policy"Blocked Application) and place it at the bottom of the list.

1.Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy/Add/Select/File Groups(From the drop down choose All Applications)/ Check the box for “Use a pre-defined policy” and choose "Blocked application"now APPLY all the way out.
You should end up with an entry for “All Applications” situated at the bottom of your rule set.
Like this any application which doesn`t have a rule in place will be silently blocked.
By the way you must also be in “Custom Policy” and it is best to have Firewall/Advanced/Firewall Behaviour Settings/Alert Settings set to at least “High”


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yeah, that’s right! that’s how i did it
BUT, you cannot have two rules for “All applications”: one at the top, other at the bottom - if you want to apply “allow rule” before any other application rule, and “block” if no rule fired.

You get “All application already exists” :frowning: