block most but keep net working with the rules

is there a tip to use Comodo with a block most mode, that’s apply all my rules without pop up any window

in short i have made my rules , i would like to setup comodo to suft on the net in a BLOCK MOST without future windows pop up

for example i have a new program that want to connect to the net , there is not rules that allow or block it , i would like to setup comodo to block it , and let all my programs with rules working


If its a while listed program then you wont get a pop up. If its an unknown program you will. Have you tried putting the firewall in custom or block mode.

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no i did not try block mode because in the manual i read this mode will block internet

can i make my white listerd program , under My Own Safe Files?

I said did you try custom or block. The White list is built into Comodo and you cannot edit it. My Own Safe files is for your D+ and does not apply to your network rules.

no i did not block
but i tried custom
i’m not at home
so i can’t try it

If not already present, add the file group All Files to your Network Security Policy. The rule for this entry should be Block IP In/Out Any Any Any. Make sure to place this entry in the Network Security Policy list below the programs that you want to access the Internet.

well in the block mode there is not internet traffic , in this mode i can’t use outlook , firefox …

about add the file group files , i have not ALL FILES , i can select ALL APPLICATION or EXECUTABLE

but the block mode precludes me to use internet

Hi Mantra,

By the sound of it(i may be wrong) “Custom Policy” is the mode you should be in.This allows only applications which allready have a rule in place the ability to access the net.All other applications that try to connect to the net will create a Firewall alert.
I myself have only a handful of rules set up, and then if say Nero on opening tries to call home as there is no rule for it in “Application Rules” it generates an alert which i can Block without remember ticked.



Thats what I said. I said use Custom or Block. Thanks riggers.

thanks to all
this tips works :smiley: :BNC

Great :). By the way, it’s called All Applications instead of All Files apparently in newer versions.