Block Known Tracking Cookies

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of any good programs or extensions for Firefox or Chromium browsers that have a blacklist of bad cookies and will automatically block them. Preferably these would be programs that update this list automatically. Also I want this to be a program that an ordinary user can use. For this reason extensions that automatically block all cookies and ask you to allow them are unacceptable.

I’m looking for something possibly along the lines of SpywareBlaster (except it doesn’t work for Chromium browsers) or addons for the browser. What I don’t want is for it to be bundled with other features. For that reason I’ve disregarded Spyware Terminator and Spybot S&D.

Do you guys have any suggestions?


Hi Chiron ,

Why would you want that?

1st, cookies are harmless and never representing any threats.

Just use CCleaner at the end of the session & cookies are gone
(I’m talking about the “Cleaner” part in this context - not the “Registry”)
There are settings where you list those needed cookies you want to preserve

The only additional browser setting you may need - is to block “Third-party Cookies”
That’s all

Then, SpywareBlaster does work with Fox

Here is a short description:

- Prevent the installation of ActiveX-based spyware, adware, browser hijackers, dialers, and other potentially unwanted software. - Block spyware/tracking cookies in Internet Explorer and [b]Mozilla/Firefox[/b]. - Restrict the actions of potentially unwanted sites in Internet Explorer

and you can see that protections for the Fox are listed on the main screen
The list can be viewed & edited (see menu at the left)
For the Fox there are only tracking cookies; IE has AxtiveX protection in addition; and sure there is a list of restricted sites (which is common)


Tracking cookies can be used to track a user’s web browsing habits. Essentially they are a privacy concern, not a security concern. I am getting my information from this Wikipedia page

Sorry, that was my mistake. I know it works with Firefox and IE. I meant to say it doesn’t work with Chromium browsers.

Are there any circumstances in which this can lead to a website not working correctly? I’m preparing this advice for a novice so that they can set it and then forget about it. Also are there circumstances in which blocking third-party cookies does not block potential tracking cookies?


Hi again, Chiron

In the referred article an expression “they can be used as spyware» is definitely incorrect strictly speaking.
There are many good articles , but again the point is – you do not worry a lot if at all about those; you do not “manage“ cookies using your security (quarantine/delete… that’s useless);

Anyway, the good practice – clean temporary files locations & cookies before any scan of the substantial size.
Then, any security has an option - “never check” Tracking cookies , which basically indeed has to be set. Easier for the scanner – more clear reports where you can have hundreds unneeded entries which are not threats by any means

Are there any circumstances in which this can lead to a website not working correctly? I'm preparing this advice for a novice so that they can set it and then forget about it. Also are there circumstances in which blocking third-party cookies does not block potential tracking cookies?
I personally never encountered any problems where websites are not working properly when 3rd party cookies are disabled. Neither I found that what is set to be blocked.

As for the Chrom(s) – I am not very interested in that currently and using it just for some tests in order just to be in touch a lil bit, but there is a similar option for 3rd-party cookies

As far as I know Chrome has something like “Adsweep” / “Adthwart”.
They are not as effective as AddBlock Plus for Fox and will block much much less ads
But mainly as it stands currently there are many restrictions by Google which is bad for any extensions development for Chrome. Nothing you (developer) can do at the moment.

You said : “set and forget”.
I am not sure – you have to manage stuff anyway if you want to - that is inevitable, but it doesn’t’ make much sense (don’t get me wrong, please) spending a lot or any additional time on cookies;
adding another Software, etc.
Whatever was mentioned above is more than enough – that is my opinion.

I would rather say : “delete it (cookies) or ignore it and forget” :slight_smile:


The privacy threat is magnified by the set of strategies called “evercookies” which is a technology that is very hard to block out. Where a security app might be useful is to disguise browser settings and other fingerprints left by the user for more stealthy browsing. Much of the traffic used to track is not within control of the browser.

Deleting cookies, flash cookies, and other items in CCleaner is insufficient as a wide range of settings that are transmitted routinely are now used to track individuals.

Hi 00hmh , thanks for the reply

The initial question was about Tracking Cookies.

So cleaning/deleting cookies, flash cookies/Tracking Cookies/ etc. and whatever was said is quite sufficient.
My point was you do not care about those at all and there is no need for any new special Software


As for the “evercookies” - that is a completely different topic related to JavaScript & the ways to deal with it & with the issue


I think that unless someone tells me otherwise I’ll believe that unless you want to block all cookies by default, and then manually allow some, blocking third-party cookies is what the ordinary user should do.

Does anyone disagree?

The only problems I’ve ever seen with blocking third party cookies is when you are server swapped from one website to another. For example, certain support or e-commerce sites actually send you to another vendor to complete a request you’ve made.

This will fail if you’ve blocked third party cookies. However, this type of thing is getting rarer and rarer, and if you experience a problem, you can unblock until you complete the process.


a side note: Do you ever post anything “False” - you are boring, man ! :smiley: I’ve digressed

… and those rare specific cases have to be addressed. Those are usually easy to solve

Other users may add disagreements

I do agree,

but … (I cannot post without “buts”)

In case you are preparing some kinda FAQs / tips&hints doc or alike, sure you can add all mentioned Add-Ons / existing Software like CCleaner / SpywareBlaster/ disabling management of Tracking Cookies by any security since that is a waste of time & resources, and so on and so forth

another a side note(s) tough: if a doc/guide like that will be prepared, I think that what is worth mentioning are at least the following issues separately

  • what are those Flash cookies that can contain executable code & how to set up Flash (going through on-line settings);

  • if that is a concern - definitely there should be clause with regards to what 00hmh posted;

  • probably something else … cannot think at the moment what kinda additional work we may ask you to do …. just do it ! >:-D… anything & everything ! ;D

Cheers Guys!

I can’t speak for chromium based browsers, I don’t use them. For firefox:

A good cookie manager: Cookie Monster

Set permanent opt-out cookies to stop behavioral advertising:

To deal with flash cookies: Better Privacy

To counter the evercookie: Nevercookie

Discussion regarding evercookie on the Piriform (CCLeaner) forums:

It’s also worth checking to see if any of the applications you use place tracking cookies in the IE cache. This can still happen even if you use another browser. If this is the case, change the Internet options for IE to block cookies.

Hi Radaghast , thanks for your input

… sure …

As for “evercookie” - personally I cannot care less :wink: , but I’ll definitely look at what you are suggesting


I try not to, but it happens. :wink:

I don’t find mention of evercookie there. url?

Hi 00hmh,

I think Radaghast just made a typo re: Piriform link - here is the one:
Evercookie… - Piriform Community Forums


Thanks for making the correction, I was in a hurry :slight_smile: