Block ip


Im after some advice from some experts please.

Recently someone tried to break into my Fulltilt poker account from this ip address (

Is there anyway I can block this single ip with the firewall please? Would this do any good?Ive contacted the security department of the site .
Ive changed my password now luckly there had 8 failed attempts.Ive alot of money online and worried.
Hope ive posted this in the right section.

Thanks for all your time

Thank you very much for your quick reply moon.

Ive done what you said with the firewall section.The poker site got back in contact with me saying “We have taken appropriate action against this user” but were unable to give any more information because of privacy" whatever that is spose to mean!

Im behind a router too with comodo firewall.I guess your just not safe online:(

Thank you for your time moon.