block ip range

hi there, anybody can tell me how I can simply block access to an IP range from my computer? I tried that by creating a zone with the ip range and then create a new network rule where I blocked it, but it did not work. The ip range is still accessible. I probably did something wrong. thanks in advance for your help.

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Can you describe the rule you have created?

hello, thx for answering so quickly…

as I said I created a new zone,let’s say called alpha with ip range from to Then I added a new network rule to block the access from my computer to this zone alpha: source was my computer so I left it to any, destination was the unwanted zone. I tried blocking it in two different ways: first using the zone name that I created (alpha), it did not work so I put the ip range ( to that I wanted to block in the rule itself. It did not work either.

Look the only thing I want to do could be done too using a host file utiliy, but I wanted to try doing it with cpf. Just prevent that one internet site can be accessed,or viewed from my computer, and that supposes a whole ip range to block.

Ok I understood.

Just create the following rule.
Action= Block
Protocol = IP
Direction = In/Out

Source IP = Any
Destination IP = The zone you defined or the IP range
IP details-> IP Protocol= Any

Then move this rule at the top in position #0 :wink:

thanks really. I think this is gonna work.I have not tried it yet but I’m sure that your answer was the one I expected.



I just tried it and it worked just fine. One last thing that I wanted to ask: is there a way to password -protect the comodo firewall settings?

No you can’t do that, but the next version might… (tomorrow?)

ok thanks.That would be a useful feature, like backtracing an ip address, or email notify when there’s a port scan or any attack…like many others here I’m a former Sygate user.