Block internet but allow loopback

hello everbody

generally in a computer we have many program which when started makes a loopback connection and then send a UDP/tcp to hardcoded IP address.

in comodo firewall under default setting we do not have any specific rules for loopback howver they are taking place when a application is allowed TCP/UDP out any any

however the problem is how to allow incoming loopback request for server programs.

everybody is invited to closely look and suggest the mistakes in these rules.

for outbound connection and recceiving loopbak request under application rules


allow outgoing source any to dest loopback source port ant dest port any
allow incoming source any to dest loopback source port any dest port any
block all outgoing TCP/UDP any any

in global rules

allow incoming source loopback to dest is loopback port any any

i feel two rules in bold are redundant a kind review is required from knowladgeble readers /usres

i will be thankful if some user woul suggest something