Block internet access only at certain times

I currently have ZoneAlarm on my children’s computer and I have a rule set up that the firewall shuts off traffic to the internet at certain times (midnight -0600), though they can still use the printer (in a trusted network), which is attached to the DLINK Router/Printer Server. (This feature is under Firewall/Expert Tab in ZA) I have looked and cannot find a similar function on the Comodo Firewall (version but obviously I could be missing something.

Does Comodo Firewall have this functionality? If not, it would be a great enhancement.

Thank you

No such thing in comodo 2.4, although you say it exists in ZA (and i say myself it does in kerio).

As for your wish, comodo current version is 3.x: i suppose nothing more will be done for 2.x versions, and you will have to take it as it is if your OS doesn’t support 3.x ou if your thought is that 3.x is too buggy or too complex for what you want to do.

An alternative if you want to keep 2.4 is to use a parental control software.

Thank you for your response. I realized that I could put version 3.x on the kids’ computer since it is running XP, whereas my old laptop is on W2K (on which I have 2.4). Does 3.x have the ability to set times that the firewall blocks internet access? From the screen shots on their site, it did not look to be the case.

No it doesn’t VMH but it would be a good item to add to the wish list.