Block Infected Drive

I have a commercial NAS drive (Western Digital Netcenter) that is infected with the brontok worm. I have been unable to remove it. Antivirus software doesn’t seem effective on NAS drives. I posted on this in the antivirus section of the forum and the only response was to reinstall the drive. As far as I can tell, only the password can be reset, the drive cannot be re-formatted.

I am considering taking the drive out of the NAS enclosure and putting it into a USB enclosure and trying to remove the worm without the NAS software and OS getting in the way.

Is there a way to protect my computer by blocking traffic from the external drive to my computer? I will want the antivirus software to be able to scan it and remove the worm but I don’t want the worm infesting my computer. This seems problematic because information will have to travel back from the scanned drive to the computer.

I would really love to get my data but if I don’t have to throw away the entire drive I would be pretty happy.

Any help appreciated.

May need to get a second opinion on this but I believe that if you disable the auto run function using one of many choices , but let’s say Panda USB vaccine that should solve your problem. I say should because I’m not 100% sure about a worm. It say’s it blocks the Conficker worm.

Download a bootable antivirus and burn it to disk and have at it. I recommend Kaspersky rescue disk.