"Block Hook"! So what exactly is that Defense+ Action? [Resolved]

Also, is there a way to set up auto removal of event logs? Thank You!

Hi ratchet, the first question I’m not sure about.

As for auto removal of logs, yes :slight_smile:

Open up CFP console, go to miscellaneous, go to settings, go to logging. You can set the options for no logging whatsoever, if the log exeeds a certain size delete it automatically and make a new one, or move it to a specified location.

Hope that helps some


Well, first you must understand what a hook is, take a look here (it’ll take some time to read it all).
But in short, some hooks can monitor your keyboard (like keyloggers), and most legitimate softwares won’t need them.
From the Defense+ Alert: "A global hook is a windows feature which allows an application such as media players, keyboard enchantments programs etc. to inject an executable(e.g. a DLL) into other applications for various purposes.

Summary: Hooks can be used to log your keystrokes, but might be used for ligitimate purposes. There’s also other purposes for hooks. So that’s what CFP 3’s main purpose is, to block keylogging hooks.

Hope it’ll help you some.


psych1610 and Ragwing, thank you both for the responses. Have a great weekend!

Have a greet weekend, you too!

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