Block fragments IP datagrams and my multimedia player Tvix.

Hi and thanks for this forum.

I have a multimedia player Tvix connected to my local private network by one router.
The videos and music to play, are in a destok pc also connected to this Local private network. This desktop pc have installed one program for that, “tvix netshare”.

The local private network is defined like a trusted network in Comodo Firewall.
Tvix netshare is defined like a trusted aplication in Comodo Firewall.

However, only i can play media if i disabled “Block fragments IP datagram”.

Can i play media WITHOUT disabled “Block fragments IP datagram”.


You can disable the firewall :wink:

I have the same problem and i found no easy solution except submitting this to the wishlist.

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Make a wish for 2010 :wink:

I prefer to untick “block fragments” that’s way better then disabling the full firewall.

fragments give an attacker the option to scatter packets in to fragments and circumvent the firewall rules if the inspection does not put those fragments together before inspecting (and this will cause CPU cycle usage).

And this technique is also “abused” by some mediaplayer streams… those should comply to the RFC’s… then those problems would not arise…

I agree with ypu and I was kidding of course I untick “block fragments” and not the full firewall.

I spend a lot of time to found a better solution … with no chance.

Does the player support multiple streaming protocols?
And what’s the default for this player?

Can you make a packet capture of such a stream, I’d like to analyze it and see what’s going on…