Block Fragmented IP Datagrams, Do Protocol Analysis, Protect ARP Cache

These options are disabled by default.

Do you think it’s more useful for security,to enable them?

PS) I use a simple adsl-modem (not router).


Block Fragmented IP Diagrams is Enabled by default with the latest version.

Protocol analysis like some of the other options on attack detection may slow down your internet connection.

These, IMAO would only be useful if not behind a router or connected to a public hotspot.

What IS good to ENABLE is “Protect ARP Cache” & “Block Gratutis ARP Frames” Located at the bottomof the Attack Detection Settings / Intrusion Detection tab.


yea, i use protect arp cache but IMO i think blocking gratuitous arp frames is a little bit of overkill.

Why isn’t that option enabled by default? Is there some disadvantage like system hogginess? (:NRD)

As with all the options, there is a bit of overhead. It’s a case of cost V benefit.

Ewen :slight_smile:

The ARP Cache stuff isn’t enabled by default. I probably have it turned on out of paranoia in protecting my home home wireless network. There’s anywhere between 6 and 10 networks in range of mine. I have a Zyxel P660HW T1 V2 connecting with WPA2 however half the time I get “Connected to Wireless Network (****) Unsecured” and still haven’t figured out the problem.

May have to go back to my old Linksys WAG354G but that’s only WPA and doesn’t include some of the more advanced Router Protection stuff like DoS Attack, block triangle routing etc… I had tried turning off DCHP and running Static IP which worked for a couple of days but then, for some reason, I’d loose connection. Maybe my Intel 2200BG Wireless Chip can’t handle it… hmmmm

Sorry for going off topic a bit…


In the properties of your wireless connection on your PC, tell it to only connect to your preferred network. :wink: